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client // branding & identity

katha sitzt_17.JPG
logo only peach dunkelblau.png

Katharinas wish was to have a logo that transfers an organic and balanced feeling.

The logo I then created was inspired by the shape of pulmonary alveoli and with that of her key sentence: "are you breathing?"

Katha Hände 003.JPG
Katha Hände 001_1.JPG
Katha Hände 002.JPG

It was important to her, that she is able to play with colours and to adapt the logo onto different templates online and for presentations as she works in many different environments. So I decided to settle for a dynamic logo and a wider colour spectrum, wich includes warmer colours as well as colder ones.

katha mockuos 3.jpg
katha mockup 2.jpg
katha mockup.jpg

Further I chose to combine two very different fonts in order to resemble her two different sides having a wild soul and a clean mind, and to make sure the look is different from those of other Yogis. I am currently working with her coder on redesigning her website to adjust the already existing part on the new elements of her brand identity. I also did some photo series of her to include them in the website and for her to show them on her social media.

katha nah 001.JPG
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